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Building leadership rooted in community.


LIDERAMOS provides the premier Latino leadership development program (LLPs) focused on local community-based leaders. We assist community teams to explore starting a leadership program that is culturally-focused and provides the skills and perspectives to be empowered Latino leaders. Our program consists of four offerings:

  1. Train the Trainer Workshops, an intensive skill building and LLP curriculum orientation.
  2. Starter Tool Kit for Emerging LLPs that includes the steps and elements necessary to to start and sustain a successful LLP.
  3. LLP Curriculum Tools and Guidelines highlighting five components critical to culturally inclusive and integrated learning from Latino perspectives.
  4. Online learning management system designed for local LLPs to host their programs learning tools and resources, and a tool for LIDERAMOS to offer continued learning and technical assistance.  



2023 – Kansas City, MO

October 25th – 27th 

Every year LIDERMAOS will bring together Latinos who directly work in leadership programs. The 2023 Symposium will be held October 25-27 in Kansas City, MO. The goals of our National Symposiums are to:

  1. Promote a national presence and increase the impact of Latino leadership programs.
  2. Establish a networking and learning community among Latino leadership programs.
  3. Provide resources and technical assistance to initiate leadership programs.
  4. Enhance existing leadership programs and the leadership skills of LIDERAMOS members.
  5. Improve research and evaluation methods that will position Latino leadership as a specialized field of study.

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The National Latino Leadership Directory lists where Latino leadership programs exist and where there are gaps in services. LIDERAMOS has created a national network of existing programs and it is now our charge to outreach to offer support, to collect best practices, to build community, and to learn from each other.

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LIDERAMOS is committed to creating space that informs and provides insights for Latino leadership growth and expansion. Our virtual community aims to build community through podcasts, webinars, and virtual community building to highlight Latino community leadership models and practices, to uplift inter-generational voices, stories, and case scenarios that challenge and generate new ideas, and to prepare community-based Latino leadership for the future.

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Latino Leadership Programs will be more effective and have greater impact when directors and staff participate in leadership development at the highest level and use this knowledge to improve their programs. Through a partnership with the prestigious Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), LIDERAMOS offers fellowships to Latino directors and staff. In 2022, LIDERAMOS was proud to designate their first fellow at Leadership at the Peak, CCL’s C-Suite executive program and opens a new chapter of our partnership.


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LIDERAMOS envisions Latino leadership as a field of study and a critical component of Chicano, Latinx, and interdisciplinary programs. The goal is to assess and explore the Latinx leadership scholarship evident in Chican@, Latinx, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Critical Psychology, and other disciplines. And to discuss how to increase Latinx leadership studies and how to create alliances with national and local professional development organizations molding the craft of leadership. Data (qualitative and quantitative) within the framework of community based research methodologies can be the tipping point to move social change.