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The Changing U.S. Workforce
The Growing Hispanic Demographic and the Workplace

A Research Report by the Society of Human Resource Management and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute – September 2016

66,000 Latinos turn 18 every month and currently one out of four Americans under 18 is Hispanic. As Baby Boomers retire, the Millennials will transform the workplace. Paramount will be the entrance of Latinos who will account for one out of every two new workers by 2025.

Millennials Make Up Almost Half of Latino Eligible Voters in 2016
Youth, Naturalizations Drive Number of Hispanic Eligible Voters to Record 27.3 Million

Hispanic millennials will account for nearly half (44%) of the record 27.3 million Hispanic eligible voters projected for 2016—a share greater than any other racial or ethnic group of voters, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

Democrats Maintain Edge as Party ‘More Concerned’ for Latinos, but Views Similar to 2012
75% have discussed Trump’s comments about Hispanics in the past year

After more than a year of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump making provocative comments about Mexican and Muslim immigrants and Hispanics in general, a new Pew Research Center survey of Hispanics finds their overall attitudes about the Republican and Democratic parties – and levels of political engagement – are not much different than they were four years ago.

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