The National Latino Leadership Alliance

Upcoming Events

Afro-Latina Leadership Creating New Paradigms of Care

We would love for you to join us Wednesday July 6th at 1:00PM CT.

Latino/a/x Coach & Trainer Meet Up

We would love for you to join us Tuesday July 12th at 3:00PM CT.

Anatomy of Your Brand: Essential Inner Work of Leadership

We would love for you to join us Friday July 22nd at 11:00AM CT.

4th Annual National Symposium

For this year’s National Symposium, we are providing the opportunity to:

  • Promote a national visibility and increase the impact of Latino leadership programs
  • Establish a networking and learning community among Latino leadership programs
  • Provide resources and technical assistance to start leadership programs
  • Enhance existing leadership programs and the leadership skills of LIDERAMOS members
  • Improve research and evaluation methods that will position Latino Leadership as a specialized field of study