The National Latino Leadership Alliance

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3-Part Virtual Training Series

June 5th, 12th, and 19th

(2pm CT to 5pm CT)

Learn about  and how to implement the

5 Core Elements of the LIDERAMOS Program Model

A three-part training series will be offered in June for anyone interested in learning about the LIDERAMOS Latino Leadership Model. Participants will be introduced to the five core elements of the program model, the value and purpose of culturally-driven leadership, the key attributes of a learning environment, and be guided in community-centered program design. Please let us know if you are interested in participating. 

To support LIDERAMOS programming, we request a $100 suggested registration fee. No one will be denied the opportunity to participate.

Upon full attendance, participants will receive a LIDERAMOS Latino Leadership Modeling Certificate of Completion.

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Latinx Coach & Facilitator Circle

Featuring Bianca Flores

Leaders who guide other leaders understand the value of mutual support as you grow your practice and nurture your know-how. LIDERAMOS needs you all at your best to guide our communities and this Circle is an opportunity to network and learn from one another as Latinx professionals. We start our 2023 series with Bianca Flores, the creator Florecemos: Nonprofit Leadership Circle and independent consultant. Join and learn about Bianca’s community-rooted entrepreneurial story and how she is crafting her practice to expand and meet the needs of our non-profit leaders.


Featured Reading: Going Horizontal: Creating Non-Hierarchical Organization. One Practice At A Time

This summer’s book is an opportunity to discuss  the challenges many program facilitators in non-profits or volunteers initiatives with limited operational resources. The book, “Going Horizontal: Creating Non-Hierarchical Organization. One Practice At A Time” is a guide to move beyond individually driven leadership to exploring structures and organizational techniques to expand responsibilities and decision-making across a group.

DATES: June 28th & July 19th (10 AM PT/Noon CT/1PM ET)

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Latino Community Leadership Workshop

We will learn and discuss why Latino culturally-driven leadership is important and how to imagine a Latino Leadership Program in your community:

-What’s your “Why” personally?

-Why does your community need leadership? Why does your community need a Latino community leadership program

-What is the vision for your community?

-Who defines?

-Why is your program relevant to that vision?

To learn about future opportunities or a specialized workshop for your community or organization, please reach out to