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Tejiendo Latino Leadership:
Where There is One, There Are Many

LIDERAMOS is thrilled to welcome community leaders to our 5th Annual National Symposium October 25th to 27th, 2023 in Kansas City, MO. Our National Symposium theme, “Tejiendo Latino Leadership: Where There is One, There Are Many” is celebrating the strengths and intersections of Latino culture, history, and community engagement. The three-day gathering provides skill-building and community leadership development to address the local community transformation, how to increase Latinx leadership, and to re-energize one another and our visions as leaders. 

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General Registration (Until October 13th) – $500

Daily Rate (Until October 13th) – $260


The Cascade Hotel – A Tribute Portfolio Hotel in Kansas City, MO is where the National Symposium will take place. The hotel(s) is offering a special group rate:

  • Cascade Hotel, Kansas City, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel for 199 USD – 249 USD per night
  • Aloft Kansas City Country Club Plaza for 159 USD per night

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If you have questions or need help with the link, please do not hesitate to ask. If you have an issue booking, please contact Christopher Curtis, Director of Sales and Marketing.


Effective Teaming facilitated by Criss Cuervo, Author of “PERTENÆCER: Eight-Week Mindfulness and Meditation Training and Practices for Latinx Immigrants in the United States ©”, is a workshop to build practical skills to build a team culture based on trust, psychological safety, belonging, and inclusion, leading to improved performance. Experiential training in simple, practical and applied tools for developing a thriving team environment. 

Content owned and developed by SIY Global. This organization created and launched Google’s internal mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training. 


  • Deepen self-awareness and learn how our thoughts and behaviors impact the team
  • Expand awareness of self and others
  • Build effective and non-reactive communication skills
  • Generate a culture of trust and inclusion
  • Cultivate a prosocial mindset of humility and curiosity
  • Promote team interactions that create a learning community
  • Optimize team engagement, agility, and effectiveness

Registration for each workshop is $120. Lunch included.

Courses will run from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM on Wednesday, October 25th in Kansas City, MO.


Symposium Learning Overview:

Our sessions aim to be  participatory and engaging to animate this year’s theme, Tejiendo Latino Leadership: Where There is One, There Are Many. Each session and event invites you to consider how leadership in your actions, work, and scholarship can be a resource, practice, methodology, framework, and/or tool to enhance and promote community leadership.

  • Leadership Development: (e.g., trauma-Informed Skill Building, reconstructing teaching and learning experiences that center our full humanity; creating leadership development environments where Latinos can show up as their whole selves; cultivating opportunities for developing critical consciousness; integrating intersectional perspectives in teaching and learning to promote reflection, awareness, and action) 
  • Collective Leadership and Organizing: (e.g., leveraging community organizing to engage in legislative and policy work; forging new paths to transform and resist the violences we exist within; engaging in collective action to impact institutional change)
  • Research, Evaluation and Assessment Tools & Practices (e.g. modeling practices and program design that integrates evaluation and assessment in the sustainability and growth of leadership development) 
  • Ancestral & Traditional Knowledge: (e.g., honoring legacies passed down by ancestors that allow for our continual transformation; reshaping knowledge of our lineages that move us toward healing and personal development)
  • Skill-Building: (e.g. public speaking, digital marketing, fundraising and development, personal brand, strategic development, good governance, and other practices to improve our abilities to lead and guide organizational movements)

“There’s no turning back…We will win because our struggle is a revolution of mind and heart…”

– César Chávez