Call for proposals

LIDERAMOS National Symposium

Re(membering) Comunidad: The Corazón of Latino/a/x Leadership
October 19, 2022 – October 22,  2022
Estancia del Norte
San Antonio, TX


Our National Symposium theme “Re(membering) Comunidad: The Corazón of Latino/a/x Leadership” is about providing skills and community leadership development to address the new challenges to lead beyond the pandemic and to re-energize one another and our visions as leaders. We are uniting 100 leaders throughout the United States to offer best practices on how to reset and amplify their work and strategies with and on behalf of the community.

Our communities have been ground zero for the dis(membering) effects of the global pandemic. We have lost loved ones, our jobs and social networks have been stretched and for many ripped from us, and our families and children are struggling to maintain their well-being and mental health in light of so much change. Even in the toughest of times, our comunidades have the leadership and intelligence to re(member) to build resilience and to offer basic needs and support to make it in these times. 

Re(membering) is our ability to pull together the skills and knowledge of our cultures and traditions, our networks and legacies of collective building, and our histories of overcoming obstacles to advance our dreams. By framing re(membering) as a process and a goal, we offer ways to see how re(membering) is the heart of our leadership excellence and ability to rise and advocate for our futures.

We invite you to join us in San Antonio (Ancestral Name: Yanaguana) to honor our experiences and strength, in order to pass on skills and insight to our network of community leaders. San Antonio has an incredible history of creativity and a culture of resistance. 

We welcome a participatory panel, round table, single paper, workshop and/or performance to advocate for this year’s theme, Re(membering) Comunidad: The Corazon of Latino/a/x Leadership. We invite you to consider how leadership in your actions, work, and scholarship can be a resource, methodology, framework, and tool to enhance and promote community leadership:

  • Leadership Development: (e.g., reconstructing teaching and learning experiences that center our full humanity; creating leadership development environments where Latinos can show up as their whole selves; cultivating opportunities for developing critical consciousness; integrating intersectional perspectives in teaching and learning to promote reflection, awareness, and action) 
  • Collective Leadership and Organizing: (e.g., leveraging community organizing to engage in legislative and policy work; forging new paths to transform and resist the violences we exist within; engaging in collective action to impact institutional change)
  • Evaluation and Assessment Tools & Practices (e.g. modeling practices and program design that integrates evaluation and assessment in the sustainability and growth of leadership development) 
  • Ancestral & Traditional Knowledge: (e.g., honoring legacies passed down by ancestors that allow for our continual transformation; reshaping knowledge of our lineages that move us toward healing and personal development)


Key Dates

June 3 – CFP Announcement

June 24 – Proposal Submission Deadline

July 6 – Proposal Submission Result Announcement

July 22 – Presenters Confirm Participation


Here’s a few things you need to know:

  • Proposers will be notified of acceptance on or before July 6, 2022.
  • Questions about the submission process can be sent to
  • Accepted presenters will receive a discounted registration of $240 for the three-day conference. Lodging, transportation and miscellaneous meals are not covered. 
  • Information about the 2022 National Symposium is available


Your participation as a presenter and leader offers:

  • Recognition as a leader and expert in Latino leadership designed for community leaders and organizations.  
  • Exposes you to opportunities to collaborate and network with community based Latino leadership programs. 
  • Front and center opportunities to build community and grow in tandem with your colleagues by highlighting your unique skills, experiences, and know-how.
  • An opportunity for your leadership framework and model to be featured in future LIDERAMOS programming to elevate the excellence of Latino leadership.


We look forward to reviewing and considering your proposals!


“There’s no turning back…We will win because our struggle is a revolution of mind and heart…”

– César Chávez